Site:石川県 Architect: 芦沢啓治建築設計事務所 Project architect: 芦沢啓治/関川直樹 Structural engineer::江尻建築構造設計事務所 家具:super robot

Photo: Keiji Ashizawa


1/4 vault(2004)

Site:Ishikawa Architect: Keiji Ashizawa Design Project architect: Keiji Ashizawa / Naoki Sekikawa Structural engineer::Ejiri engineer furniture:super robot

Photo: Keiji Ashizawa

Due to an approximate height of 1.5m snow load condition, roof snow removal and its neighbouring environment, a quarter vault in light weight steel frame structure was chosen. A stretch of high side light on the eastern side of the house which faces a neighbouring house, lets plenty of sunlight in to illuminate the R-shaped ceiling thus reflecting light down to the first floor living space. Despite the numerous existing wall surfaces, the house is still guaranteed to receive light all through hot summer and cold winter in northern Japan.