Site : 埼玉 
Architect : 芦沢啓治建築設計事務所 
Project architect : 芦沢啓治/関川直樹 
Structural engineer : 江尻建築構造設計事務所 

Photo: Daici Ano



Site : Saitama 
Project architect : Keiji Ashizawa / Naoki Sekikawa 
Structural engineer : Ejiri engneer 

Photo : Daici Ano

In order to maximize space on site, a simple construction method is chosen. 11 steel frame boxes are formed using steel angles and used as the main structure while external wall panels are attached on without the need of any additional structure. The size of the steel boxes needed to be considered carefully as it has to fit on a truck to be transported to site. These boxes are then joined together with high tension bolts on site. Though the central span holds the main structural strength of the building, the circulation stair is intentionally positioned there to operate as an earthquake-proof element as well as to rationalize the plan of the house.

Span of the stair is 1.75m, wet area is 2.2m, bedrooms and living area are 2.55m and a varied unit is made fully utilize the limited depth available on site.