AO STUDIO : renovation

Ao Studio(2013)

Design: 芦沢啓治建築設計事務所 芦沢啓治/山口健太郎

Produce :エコデコ

photo :太田拓実

Ao studioは、各々が仕事をもつカップルの家として、埼玉県川口市の中古アパートをリノベーションしたものである。クライアントの生活スタイルを反映するために、レイアウトは大幅に変更が加えられ、すべての造作を撤去することから始めた。また室内空間とほぼ同じサイズのテラススペースがあり、容易に外部へと出られるように家具のデザイン、配置を検討している。家具や照明、小さな金物にいたるまでデザインに統一感をもたせ、小さな空間ながらもリズムが生まれるように検討し、最後の最後まで悩んだ色、AO色を大きな面、そして家具の細部に配色し、空につながった大きなテラスとの関係性を室内に取り込んでいる。

Ao Studio(2013)

Design: Keiji Ashizawa Design

photo : Takumi Ota

Ao Studio by Keiji Ashizawa Design, is a renovated apartment for a young working couple, located in Saitama prefecture, Japan.
The layout of the apartment reflects the lifestyle of the clients, a pattern-maker and restaurateur, whom both required specialist spaces to allow them to work from home. They also wanted a relaxed, spacious living area where they could enjoy entertaining friends.
In response to their needs, Keiji Ashizawa Design removed all existing internal partitions, revealing a light filled space with several large windows – one connecting to an external balcony almost the size of the apartment itself. An open plan living space with adjoining studio are at the centre of the new arrangement, with bedroom and bathroom, hidden from sight, within a brighly coloured blue pod – in this sense, the apartment functions more as an open studio, with importance given to the notion of activity and gathering.
Built-in furniture was incorporated into the design where possible to emphasis openness – in the dining room, a bench seat also serves as a step to the outdoor living space.