River side house(2007)_別荘の注文住宅

Site:千葉 Architect: 芦沢啓治建築設計事務所 Project architect: 芦沢啓治/本條理恵/Silvia Tasani Structural engineer::ASA 鈴木啓 施工:日南鉄鋼

photo:Daici Ano

敷地は、川にむかって傾斜しており、この場所特有の北風が斜面を下る。まず考慮すべきことは、川があり、林があり、大きな芝生の庭がある恵まれた環境の中で、こうしたランドスケープにの一部としてRiverside houseは存在させることである。

River side house(2007)

Site:Chiba Architect: Keiji Ashizawa Design Project architect: Keiji Ashizawa / Lie Honjo/Silvia Tasani Structural engineer:ASA Akira Suzuki

Photo: Daici Ano

Weekend house at river side.
The site is slanted toward the river, and the north wind peculiar to this place goes down the slope. The house is plotted parallel to the river, and the shape sticking out of the slope looks like a ship waiting for the launching.Two volumes are divided into two abstract, one as private space with child room and master bedroom and another as public space with kitchen and living room. The outside deck space between the two volumes is used as an outside dining. And on the upper part parallel with the river, bathroom and the guesthouse are located. In addition, this house is planned as a place to spend happily not only with the family but also with friends who rents villa nearby. A big dining table made with concrete is placed in the big living room,which leads to the deck space pushed out to the river. Deck space equal size to the inside space becomes an outside dining space with the barbecue grill.
The pre-cast concrete panel is used for the outer wall and wall of north side and east side. This controls the eyes and also protects the house from north wind and the afternoon sun.Riverside house was designed to exist lightly and manly, as to solve
the special problems and as a folly of the rich landscape.