Tohoku Standard(2016)

Architect: 芦沢啓治建築設計事務所 / deLINIUM arquitectes
Project architect: 芦沢啓治/ 平山健太/ Eduard Mariné Casals/ Marta Ruiz Gimenez

photo:Takumi Ota

「東北スタンダード」という東北の物産店を設計するにあたり、同じ東北のブランドである石巻工房を使ってほしいという要望があった。そこで石巻工房の家具によってインテリアを構築し、それらの家具も販売できるというストーリーを組み上げて提案し快諾された。そこで我々は実物の家具に向き合い可能性を探っていったすえ、壁面に小ぶりなスツールである「CARRY STOOL」600台を組み合わせながら積み上げ、壁面のディスプレイを構成。また「AA STOOL」と「MA series」といった石巻工房のなかでもシンプルな家具を使い、商品を置く平台とした。

Tohoku Standard(2016)

Site:Sendai Miyagi Architect: Keiji Ashizawa Design / deLINIUM arquitectes  Project architect: Keiji Ashizawa / Kenta Hirayama / Eduard Mariné Casals/Marta Ruiz Gimenez

Photo: Takumi Ota

Tohoku Standard is a souvenir shop specializing in crafts andhandmade goods from the Tohoku region of Japan. As part of the store design, the shop requested for furniture from Ishinomaki Laboratory, which is also located in Tohoku, to be used in this new retail location in Sendai. We put together a design proposal that features an interior space with store fixtures made from Ishinomaki Laboratory products, which could also theoretically be sold piece by piece as well. Once it was approved, we grappled with how to tap into the possibilities of the furniture itself. Over six hundred units of the Carry Stool, a small stool that can act as a tray or container, were combined and stacked to form a display system along the surface of the walls. Other simple pieces from the Ishinomaki Laboratory collection, the AA Stool and MA Series, were reimagined as display platforms for the store’s merchandise.

One of the guiding concepts behind the design of Ishinomaki Laboratory products is using basic materials to make utilitarian and functional furniture. The shop itself can then described as an “experiment” in creating a space with furniture made from this idea. Combining the simplicity and dynamism of the wood, the result is a space that reflects the unpretentious design behind Ishinomaki Laboratory’s furniture – allowing everything in the shop to stand out beautifully.