Glass Parabola (2013)

Design: 芦沢啓治

プロトタイプ製作: 狩野ガラススタジオ・宮冨ガラス工房

Photo : 太田拓実

Glass thickness 4mm
1105mm Φ
Stainless pipe 10Φ
LED light 16.6w

Glass Parabola (2013)

Design: Keiji Ashizawa

Production: Kano Glass Stuidio・Miyatomi Glass Studio

photo :Takumi Ota

From Keiji Ashizawa’s PARABOLA LIGHT SERIES, the Glass Parabola is a freestanding floor lamp which references the form and characteristics of a parabolic dish.
Working in collaboration with a specialist glass artist, the glass dish was formed using a technique known as gravity sagging – glass is heated on a ceramic former until in sags under its own weight.
The 1105mm diameter dish delicately rests on a 10mm stainless steel pipe stand. Incorporated into the stand, a concealed light source illuminates the dish with a precise beam of light that is both reflected and diffused as it touches the face of the glass.
When positioned in the corner of a room, diffused light bounces off the wall and floor surfaces, illuminating the floor lamp and exposing its elegant geometries.

Light source:LED light 16.6w