Design: 芦沢啓治

Client: 石巻工房

photo :01-03 吉次史成

 石巻工房の歴史 2011-2013

Ishinomaki Bench(2011)

Design: Keiji Ashizawa

Client: Ishinomaki Laboratory

photo :01-03 Fuminari Yoshitsugu

The very first product of the Ishinomaki Laboratory workshop was the ISHINOMAKI BENCH. Developed with cooperation between the Ishinomaki Industrial high school students and designers at Ishinomaki Laboratory for a use at the temporary outdoor movie theatre, the benches have become popular items used in the community ever since.
Being designed to withstand the elements, the benches are ideal for the garden or veranda, as well as giving a rustic touch to interior spaces.
History of Ishinomaki laboratory 2011-2013