Keiji Ashizawa Design is a firm that offers architecture,
interior, furniture, lighting, and product design,
capable of total design of spaces.

Keiji Ashizawa Design was founded in 2005 by Keiji Ashizawa. The office, located in Bunkyo City, Tokyo, employs sixteen architects and interior designer,two product designers and one art director from diverse backgrounds. With an approach that emphasises ‘craft’ rooted in materials and on-site, the firm is known for its total design of spaces, supervising, if not designing, everything from architecture and interiors to furniture under the motto ‘Honest Design’.Design skills as defined by Keiji Ashizawa Design also include landscape design, interior design, furniture design and branding. Their ability to design diverse services beyond architecture enables them to create unified and finely detailed spatial designs. As a result, they have successfully led a wide range of projects around the world.In addition to domestic projects in Japan, primarily in Tokyo but also from Tohoku to Kyushu, the firm is involved in a number of architecture projects overseas, in China, Vietnam, the US and the Philippines. They also work abroad with European and Asian manufacturers on furniture and products and with major domestic manufacturers in Japan.Recently projects include a hotel complex on the 45th to 47th floors of a corner hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo, including five top-end rooms, three restaurants, a bar and a spa. Keiji Ashizawa Design was also involved in the architecture, interior and FFE of the new Trunk Hotel in Tomigaya Shibuya,Tokyo.

In addition, they have been driving the Ishinomaki Laboratory furniture project, which began as a volunteer initiative to help with the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake, for more than ten years. The company has leapt to a further stage with the launch of ‘Ishinomaki Home Base’, a base symbolising the new Ishinomaki, and the development of the ‘Made in Local’ project, which has spread the idea of regional development to other countries around the world.
Collaboration with different industries is essential for Keiji Ashizawa Design to practise ‘Honest Design’. They work with local architects and international design firms on national and international branding projects. Examples include a housing project with Peter Stutchbury in Australia and an interior and exhibition project with atelier oï in Switzerland. In the last few years, Keiji Ashizawa Design has collaborated on several interior projects with NORM ARCHITECTS in Denmark, as well as furniture projects with Karimoku Case Study.