Architect: 芦沢啓治建築設計事務所
Project architect: 芦沢啓治/ 平山健太

photo:Takumi Ota



Site:Sendai Miyagi 
Architect: Keiji Ashizawa Design
Project architect: Keiji Ashizawa / Kenta Hirayama

Photo: Takumi Ota

Hailing from Barcelona, Papabubble is an artisanal candy maker that has become very well-known in Japan for its retail locations, due in no small part to the unique design of the stores. Starting from Tokyo, Papabubble has expanded all across Japan, with this shop in particular being the first to open in the Tohoku region. Even though it is more compact compared to the surrounding stores, we set out to leverage its depth to create a small space filled with fun – just like Papabubble’s candies.

Working with the client’s bold idea of creating a store in which the size of the retail space could be adjusted from time to time, we made the store displays as well as the partition wall movable. Concrete perforated boards are used for the main wall so various knick-knacks can be attached.The infrastructure for this decorative wall and mobile store fixtures enable the staff to transform the space for various events and promotions, reflecting the uniqueness of this shop. Attached to the back counter, the mirror makes the cozy space appear larger and more open. Contrasting the vivid colours of the Papabubble candies, we use inorganic materials, such as metal for the interiors and furniture, which are intended to evoke the feeling of entering an artisanal candy workshop.