News 0328

Tokyo is getting better than last week.

People are coming back from Osaka,nagoya and all over the world.
Still there will be Rolling blackouts in some area,then we have to take care of that and trains sometimes though.
Nuclear power plant still are not good situation,but is much better.
People say tokyo is safe enough.It means the area in Nuclear power plant is not.
I would like to pray for the people there and pray for the people who died for this earthquake.

I am not very sure it’s good timing or not,I will show recent my schedule as below.

  • I will exhibit at Wallpaper* handmade with Hirosaki’s products at this year’s Salone del Mobile.
  • SlYBOX is featured by Wallpapaer* in April
  • Pipeknot is featured by Designnet in March
  • Pipeknot is featured by WOHNREVUE in March
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