open house

Architects in Japan often held “open house” before client live.I am not very sure it’s common in any country.It’s good for us to see my friend’s work without client’s eye…
I also like to see how clients live there though.

Miha design,who are very close to my friend as well as are one of the talented architects in Japan,held open house yesterday.
I am always surprised at their way to make space.

It’s in the housing area and very tight space in Tokyo.
But the house are very succeed to have very open,comfortable and private space.

There are lots of skylight and void,then first floor are amazingly bright though there are the house in the very complex area.The step and the structure wall makes good rhythm for the space.The long slit window in the dining is very effective.The window put on the gap in next door’s house and another house.

I also met their teacher in their university there.This kind of event also works like that.

I broght my daughters there,it’s usually not to invited.They liked to clime the attic as most children did that.I could enjoy to see my friends,nice architecture and entertained daughters.I could say It’s perfect Sunday.